Above the Table , At the Middle , Below the Table/Not Yr. Typical PE CLASS

The University of Trash: Free Skool 
On Saturday, May 23, 4 of us visited your center. While there, we encountered 3 vibrant,  friendly, fun-loving young adults making pasta.  Although we still don't know the connection between that and your "trash" exhibit, my friend joined them in their project, and subsequent lesson in dance movements relating to the bodily movements of making fresh pasta.
Following are some pictures.  If these people are still coming to your museum, please pass these photos on to them.  I'm sure they would enjoy seeing them.     Thank you.           Anita King

This is not your typical physical education class. Competition will be set aside along with ugly gym uniforms, and getting picked last.  We will consider our bodies to be building materials for imagination and reinterpretation. Through a series of  collaborative and invigorating exercises,  we will meditate our own physical  structure within a shared physical landscape. We will consider the space we occupy, and imagine our bodies to be support structures or building blocks that work collectively rather than opposing. Classes will run from May 21- 25 at the Sculpture Center in Long Island City in part Of Nils Norman and Michael Cataladi's project, University of Trash 2:30-4:30 pm 



Physical Education Plan in progress  
(Some points for discussion in random order)


                                  (Chopsticks as appendages) Beans

  • The body is filled with bones below gravity . ( Exhibiting a test of body positions that stretch out tired bones.) Re-orientation of table legs so they become a surface 

  • Working with others to find connecting points

  • Head to Head connecting
  • Birth marks as starting points for dialogs
  • Kneading and rolling. (Pasta making) How does one use their body in the making of a meal?
  • The voice, the conversation, and the stomach

    How to pick a live body up? 


Lumbar Spine
  • Make dough

  • Play dough

  • The body bending into sections. Bending from the hips.
  • Accessing or feeling the ground 

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