Driving Thoughts

Not that everyday doesn't have the potential to be a mushroom day, but it's just that on some days there's a better chance of visibility (time has something to do with it.) I think it had rained in Beach Lake earlier in the Morning. Jaquel and I rode by car. On the way to Mildred's Lane I was looking up and in the trees I saw a mushroom (identified as a Climacodon Septentrionale or, common name: North Tooth). Jaquel smoothly backed up three trees, and up above, in the heart of a maple (sugar), a brain-like, white/ish mushroom signalled. Getting back into the car after photographing it with the camera on my computer, we proceeded to work I tend to think about mushrooms when I am in a car. I pan the trees, the ground, the sky. Attuning to elements through touch. Feeling the weather. Moving along into it. It carries affect. Moving along in the car, I was dropped off along the middle of the wooded drive. I have had a spot all summer long that I watched and continuously find Black Trumpet mushrooms. They like the Shag bark Hickory trees and there are many. This wooded area had been logged the summer before and the fallen trees in the forest now allow for bigger diffused pockets of light to touch the ground. The ground was wet, the air moist, the Black Trumpets present this morning. This particular spot is flat, with a gentle, subtly higher ground on both sides of the patch. I gathered mushrooms into the straw hat I was using for a container. I moved through the woods along this new habitual path my body seems to follow....

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