Everybody' s Solo

This month, I will be organizing three, two hour long workshops (one which will be a presentation at Movement Research's Open Performance on November 17th) that build from previous and future barters of gestures. We will study from a library of barterd gestures and of course celebrate what we have in common; having a body, having to eat, and how it can move us. Get in touch with me on Our Goods or contact me directly at Athenakoko@yahoo.com if you want to be in the workshop. If not come and see further development as an audience member Novemeber 17th.

Workshop Schedule

November 11 Splinters and Logs 10-12 OR 1-3 OR 7-9
November 17 Dance Theater Workshop 7:30-9:30
November 21 Splinters&Logs

Splinters&Logs is located at 1027 Grand Street at the corner of Morgan Avenue
Dance Theater Workshop is located at 219 W. 19th Street

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