Performance at Movement Research Series Judson Church

Everybody's Solo is dance work that examines and attempts to find a ways to measure the value of eating, tasting, and gestures.

Digestion Choreography at Mildred's Lane 2010

Kitchen At Mildred's lane

Ambassador of Entanglement and Co-Founder: J. Morgan Puett

Farm To Table Liason: Monique Milleson

From AntHill Farm

Social Saturday Dinner & Presentation by Fritz Haeg

Photo by Erik Benjamin, Town and Country Fellow


Chicken mushroom and rice balls
Photo by: A.L. Steiner

Lacey Wozney and Monique Milleson
Photo by: A.L. Steiner

Pasta being made.
Photo by A.L. Steiner


Identifying mushrooms

United Rites of the Table Rehearsal 2009

From The Burial. 2007

Andes Post office Collaboration with M. Dellacrosse 2008

Everybody' s Solo

This month, I will be organizing three, two hour long workshops (one which will be a presentation at Movement Research's Open Performance on November 17th) that build from previous and future barters of gestures. We will study from a library of barterd gestures and of course celebrate what we have in common; having a body, having to eat, and how it can move us. Get in touch with me on Our Goods or contact me directly at if you want to be in the workshop. If not come and see further development as an audience member Novemeber 17th.

Workshop Schedule

November 11 Splinters and Logs 10-12 OR 1-3 OR 7-9
November 17 Dance Theater Workshop 7:30-9:30
November 21 Splinters&Logs

Splinters&Logs is located at 1027 Grand Street at the corner of Morgan Avenue
Dance Theater Workshop is located at 219 W. 19th Street

Internal Kitchen

A part of Radical Citizenship:Tutorials, Internal Kitchen was a one on one, day long restaurant in a small room in a house at Governor's Island NY on September 11, 2010.

Citizen Placemat Notes & Meal/Topic

"not artist"
"human being"
"lost in translation"
>"mapping taste to words"
"microwaved hotdogs"
"diversity Class-Cooper"
"=600 month"
"Seeing is Forgetting the name of the thing one sees"
R. Irwin
"running his hand over a race."
"Seeds saving"
"Full Cycle"
"Tongue is the thing you can move in private"
"80-100 week"
"3-4 times"
"in 2 months"
"barely have time"
"earned weight"
"5-6 times"
-"Mexican food"
"not to much"
"no time to eat"
"eat city"
"relish salad"
"Comfort. Bagels with cream cheese"
"Where you could go"
"How can you love food when every single maga-zine is telling you not to?"
"Most baby bottle"
"5 Senses"
"Could taste erase war?"
"peanut butter"
"ice cream"
"ranch dressing"
-"personal preference"
"university setting"

A Testimonial

" I enjoy this place, At first I was a little stressed. but after pie and talk I relaxed. Thanks. "