Mildred's Lane

Lovin the Land: Getting to Mildred's Lane
This is a series of photographs made from 2004- 2005. I was living and working as an artist in residence at Mildred's Lane. During this time, I found inspiration in photography work that was "staged". These photographs are "staged" moments from tasks performed in the landscape. The tasks were interpreted in part to help maintain the land. I was allowing the work to help determine or "stage" the photo.  These photographs document the earlier states  of interiors and exteriors at Mildred's Lane. See or to see some of the latest architectural progress there.

Free Pesto: The garden peaked, and the 10 basil plants needed to be utilized. I grounded the plants into pesto for two afternoons.

Cutting Back: Briefly after moving to Mildred's Lane, I came down with a fever, and sore throat. I vowed to give up cigarettes,  at least cut back.

Pumpkin Cushion: I placed straw under the unripe pumpkin to prevent it from turning mushy laying on the dirt.

Making Ways: I was living in a house, (the Mildred House). There was no running water or plumbing. Therefore the outhouse was used often. When the leaves began to fall, I would rake the  trail that led from the house to the outhouse. 
Rain Collecting: An afternoon shower, Teacups collect water.

Mildred Debris: This is the back of the Mildred House.  I took an afternoon to clean up some old debris which felt as if it had been there for ages.

Garden Rescue: The weather report called for the first frost of the season. Outdoor plants were brought indoors.Some Re-potting: Plants/herbs brought indoors were taken outdoors to be transplanted into pots for a life indoors for the winter.

Room Clean: Grey Rabbit's bedroom getting organized.

Closing Garden: The black cover was pulled over the garden bed for the winter.

Insulating Mildred House: A layer of plastic was tacked to the screens to block out the cold drafts.

Music in the Mildred House: I was making a mix tape.

Reading: In the Mildred House, there was no television.

Chopping Wood: Here, wood is split for kindling. 

Burning Trash: old scrap pieces of wood were burned here.

Dish System: Water would be hauled to the Mildred House, and dishes would be washed within a basin, and rinsed over a dry sink.

Laying Traction: Straw was spread over the ground where cars would park. This was to give the wheels some traction when the snow came.

Grocery Transport: When the snow came so heavily, that cars could not make it through the trail, I resorted to walking and using a sled to transport groceries and such.

Garden Security: The following spring, I made a canopy of netting to prevent varmints from eating the young veggies.

Green Tomatoes: To counter the infestation of juice sucking stinkbugs, I harvested the tomatoes prematurely, and made pickles out of them.

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