January 24, 2006 : 24 More at the GWB Ramphouse

24 More was a close collaboration with Kate Shearman, Amanda Matles, Ely Levin, Emilie Stark-Menning, Beatrice Barbeleschi,  Mike Cataldi, and Chuck Miller. 24 More was a 5 course meal presented on my 25th birthday.  Goethe's story, The Sorrows of Young Werther was incorporated into the piece.  5 courses were served throughout the evening,  A 24 layer cake followed. 
The kitchen and hallway was projected into the dining room 
Dancing and serving here: Kate, Emilie, and Bici 
Looking in the kitchen from dining room  (Photo by J. Colombo)
A new apron for each course. 

Kitchen as a lab: Mike flipping pancakes, Ely playing cast iron, Amanda on keyboard. 

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