"Everybody's Solo" Starts January 24th 2010

Everybody's Solo is the name of a project I will begin January 24th in conjunction with Our Goods launching Trade School at 139 Norfolk Street. There, "Everybody's Solo" will develop by barter. I will conduct Eating classes (at Trade School) in exchange for physical gestures and/or pieces of movement to build a dance-work with. Eating Class is about our appetite. In a group effort, we will meditate what our appetites have to do with everything else. Our appetites will move this class to action.
Eating Class will take place every Sunday at 6 through February.

More class details:
Polenta. The Gesture. The Ways Slow Goes February 7, 6pm
Candy Circle Experimentation and Food for the HeartFebruary 14, 6:30
First Taste with speaker, Helen Costa RN Lactation Consultant and Accidental Pornographies with Mary Walling Blackburn February 21, 6:00
Moving AppetiteFebruary 28, 6:30

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