Polenta: The Gesture. The Ways Slow Goes

Polenta or mush is a delicious dish made from the long and constant stirring of many grains of (nowadays) corn. The identity of some regions in Italy could be deciphered by the size of the grains of cornmeal they cooked with. "Polenta: The Gesture. The Ways Slow Goes" is a class that will be presented February 7th at Tradeschool (139 Norfolk). A presentation and discussion while stirring will look at how gestures identify the times before us the times we are in presently. Excerpts of Italian film maker, Ermanno Olmi's work, The Tree of the Wooden Clogs will be shown, and a short (out loud) reading from Michel de Certeau/Luce Giard/Pierre Mayol's: The Practice of Everyday Life Volume II will be exercised. The class will end with eating what we've made.

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