Moving Appetite at Trade School Tonight 6:30ish

This will be the last of the weekly Eating Classes held at Trade School (139 Norfolk St.)
There are still quite a few seats remaining. Click here to register.

If you can't make it, These are some notes of what to /have expect/ed:

A series of questions answered in writing in the form of a paragraph or in a list.

Explain the inside of your refrigerator?
What is on your kitchen table or eating surface?

What were the last food stores you remember shopping at?
What did you get there? Can you recall list (s)?
Could you not find something you were looking for?

What did you make or do with the food you bought from that place?

Describe what you look for in going to a restaurant?
What was the last restaurant (s) you ate at?
Where was it?

Did you eat with someone or were you solo?
What did you eat?
Was there music in the restaurant?
Describe your server's demeanor?
Describe the experience?

After all of the questions are answered. Everyone's cards will be gathered, shuffled and redistributed. We will all read each other's answers out of order.


Partnering up, one person observes while another person eats and let's their body reacts to the taste of foods they are given to eat.
The observer takes notes on movement of the eater. They translate the movement/experience of the eater.

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