"Everyone's experience ought to in some way be connected with everyone's love, whatever that is." Allen Kaprow

On February 14th, The second Eating Class at TradeSchool happened. We all made toffee together. The recipe calls for equal parts of chocolate, honey, sugar, and butter. Those ingredients were put in a pot over a medium-low heat, and stirred so that the contents melted into eachother. Everyone took turns stirring (making sure not to burn the bottom) until the small bubbles started to pop. Once the bubbles started, We stirred for another 5 or so minutes. (The more you stir after the bubbles begin, the harder the toffee will be. The less you stir the more soft.) Ours came out chewy. After the stirring was done, the toffee was poured onto a cool lightly greased surface.

The toffee cooled and while it did we ate soup. By the time we were done soup, The toffee was cooled enough to cut into pieces, and sample what we did together while wrapping what we didn't eat in foil.

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